Five ways to make the Store feature more creative to sell music

More and more musicians are pursuing the goal of making money online. Artists are also offering a variety of items and experiences for their fans.

Take a look at the creative ways that Bandzoogle’s members use the store feature to generate sales (commission-free)!

Selling Instruments

The number of instrument sales is on the rise as more people stay at home and look for things to do. Bandzoogle member Carbono Artisan Instruments has created a super sleek store page on their bilingual site, selling their Cajons.

Worldwide delivery is available on all their products, including the stunning Cajons, Djembes, and Udu Drums. The store items are displayed neatly, with many images that show the quality and quality of the drums before you purchase.

Create an experience for your fans.

Ayla Nereo, a songstress, has created an experience for her fans based on her strengths. She is offering a program that will awaken creativity and inspire artists with her practices.

It’s an excellent way to reach out to her fans and provide something special and rewarding. This course can be sold on a sliding scale of pay-what-you-want through her Bandzoogle Store, which opens it up to a wider audience. By offering the course online, anyone can access it from their home.

Children’s Music: Selling Items

Amber Darland, a singer-songwriter and music educator, has added a Toddler + Preschool Class Starter kit to her online store. She created a preorder and advertised it at a pay-what-you-want price. A portion of the proceeds went to her local food bank.

She offers weekly deliveries of this item that is sure to please so many parents with children at home.

Working with your “other” knowledge

Dean Schlabowske, a guitarist and singer with a background in wine and music, has created a new weekly series entitled “Wine and a Song.” His experience working in the wine industry has him well-positioned to market a series with a class on wine at the beginning of each show.

Sells tickets directly through hisStoree. Then he sends people to Facebook Live in a private Facebook group.

He also sells song requests through his Store page to make money. Consider these requests tips. Once he receives them, he will be able to play them on his show every week.

Fans who buy tickets for these shows will likely share a passion for music and wine. It will bring people together and create a community feel during the live streaming.

With just a few clicks, you can create a website and online store. Then, you can sell music and merchandise commission-free. Join Bandzoogle and start a music sale.

Non-musical necessities for sale

It’s easy to set up an online store, even if you’re not a musician or own a small business. Check out Furley Bread Meat Wine, a restaurant that is moving to exclusively online sales in the midst of the pandemic.

It’s not surprising that meat, bread, burgers, and charcuterie fly off the shelves with their clean, stylish design.

Furley uses the “call-to-action” option to inform and promote sales. It directs people to purchase food immediately. Furley has also added a section that explains how the orders will be handled safely at this time.

They have emphasized that joining their mailing list is a good way to communicate with customers since they will be ordering from the website. They will benefit from this in the future when they can offer specials and events.

Manage online sales via your Bandzoogle Store.

Your website store will not charge you commissions on any sales. Your online store can be set up to accept payments via Stripe and credit cards, or you can get paid directly through Paypal.

We’ve tweaked our transaction management features to help increase sales.

You can export the store data in order to filter and sort transactions easily while fulfilling orders. The purchaser’s name has been separated into fields for First Name and last Name. The Payment Total column no longer has the country currency prefix, which makes it easier to use in Google Sheets or Excel as a currency.

Order Items now include the quantity of each item, if applicable.

Once you’ve sent out the items, you can mark them directly in your store.

Do you sell items on your website? How can you use your website to sell an experience, an item of interest, or a unique product? What’s working well for your online store, whether you are a musician or not?

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