5 Tips for a Perfect Instagram Live Show

No one can predict when the “traditional” music venues, which allow for more than five people to be present at once, will reopen.

Live streaming your performance is one of the most effective ways to share your music and your story and gain new fans.

You can easily press “live” and play some songs in your bedroom while wearing sweatpants, but you might not get the desired results.

Why not use Instagram Live to build your audience by planning and strategizing around it?

The right audio equipment

We can perform in the comfort of our own homes. Finding the right equipment is key to making it sound like an intimate in-person performance.

You might want to consider your options if you’re streaming live. The sound can be a little compressed and weird because the microphones on our phones aren’t as good.

It is important to find the right equipment to work with this. iRig has several products that can be connected directly to your smartphone for better sound. These products allow you to connect a microphone, a guitar, or an interface.

If you want to stream your music through your phone but record it into an audio interface that is plugged directly into your DAW, you can do so first and then upload the finished version.

Promote your Instagram Stories

“If you are doing Instagram Live, it is important to promote your stories,” says Aubryn. She’s a blues, folk, and country singer/songwriter from Nashville with a loyal following online for her Facebook Live performances.

Make it interesting. Maybe give a hint as to what you will be doing or ask a question that you’ll answer on the show—something that makes people want to tune in and go, “OOH!”

It’s easy on Instagram to lose yourself in the content. Think outside the box and make your story memorable. Don’t forget that people might not be able to hear you the first time.

Lighting is Everything

It’s hard to believe, but the lighting plays a major role in encouraging people to watch online. Aubryn also advised me to avoid “setting up with your back facing a window during midday, as you will be silhouetted and washed-out.”

Avoid standing or sitting near a dark-colored wall. It will absorb light, making it harder to see. You want to choose a wall that is light in color (such as white, light gray, or light yellow), which will reflect light and fill up the space.

You can either light up the room from the front or at a 45-degree angle from above (like in a club). Try different things to see what you like. You can also soften the lighting. If your lights are too harsh, you can cover them with scarves and light blankets.

Your show will be better received if your fans can feel as if they are in the same room with you!

Share, share, share

Your friends can miss your performance due to the aggressive social algorithms and the abundance of online content and shows. Share it often and with enthusiasm!

Be sure to give your audience plenty of warning (at least a week, if not more) and to remind them constantly of the date and time. Do not forget to include the time zone. Share with your friends, family members, colleagues, and all of your social media accounts.

Make a digital flyer with a high-quality photo and a clearly written date and time. Canva can be used for this. Your fans will be more intrigued by your ads if they look good.

Ask your friends and contacts, particularly those who are not music-related, to post or share your event. Join Facebook groups or online meetups that you are interested in. This could be anything from knitting to yoga to social justice to book clubs to chess to social injustice.

You’ll discover new music and open up many doors to you.

Engage, engage, engage.

It’s not a new concept, but for some, it is. At first, it’s a little awkward to feel that you are on the other side of the stage. You can only see the screen names of your audience and the heart symbol floating up on your phone.

Once you’re comfortable, engage everyone who comes to the show, leaves a comment, or asks a question. You’ll enjoy your show more if you engage with the audience.

You can easily record your music and then play it as if you were alone. Press stop when finished. As someone who considers themselves a half introvert, I can totally relate. Why not make your apartment entertaining for the people who are as bored in their homes as you are?

Also, people are watching you because they’re interested in you and want to get acquainted with you. Encourage people to ask questions or make song requests if you like. Say hello to those who are new or late. Your show should remind people that we’re all in it together!

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