Website design inspiration: best songwriter websites

Songwriters are important in the music business because they create musical compositions. Do songwriters need websites? It’s a great idea in today’s world. In addition to writing lyrics for licensing, you may also be a session musician or performer. Creating a music site can help you get more work and put your best foot in front of the world online.

There are many different types of songwriter websites, but you should use a simple layout to showcase your talent in an organized way. Take a look at these inspiring designs for ideas on how to create your songwriter website.

Songwriter Website Templates

Songwriters have a knack for turning stories into songs and releasing them into the world. Choose a template to match your writing style. Do you prefer the world of pop and catchy hooks to your own? You may have composed country music behind the scenes.

Start with a clean template in a palette of colors you like. A website template will make your online home mobile-friendly without requiring any additional work or coding. Once you have a solid base, you can tweak and customize the design.

These songwriters created websites using templates that provide a wide range of options and really speak to the artist.

Make your main image stand out.

Your website should tell a story about your songs. A main image is the best way to design a website for songwriters that shows your personality at a glance. A main image can convey a style, a genre, or a mood to your website’s visitors.

Almyrjules, a Canadian singer and performer, uses an image on his website to make it unique. In a single glance, you can tell that his music has a relaxed vibe and a laid-back style. He’s also using an image that is focused on himself but has space around him at the edges. It’s the best way to ensure that your photos will be cropped to fit all screen sizes. It also allows the background of the image to continue telling his story.

Add a call to action.

What would you like your visitors to do once they arrive at your website? This can be influenced by adding a “call-to-action” to your homepage. Add a call to action to your website if you are looking to gain more business or have new music.

Jihye Le, a composer and arranger, has added a “call-to-action” to gather email addresses and grow her mailing list. Set it on black to make the form more visible and increase the chances of people entering their email.

Choose your color palette wisely.

The colors you choose and adjust are a big part of ensuring that your music is reflected on your songwriter’s website. What do you imagine when you listen to your latest song or album while closing your eyes? You could start with colors that are relaxing, like turquoise and cream, or warm, like brown and cream, depending on the sound you like.

Dave Sampson’s website has a consistent color scheme. To match his warm, engaging vocals and melodies, he uses peach and navy tones from his album cover. The white color of his page titles and buttons for the music player makes his website stand out.

Tell us your story

Creating a bio for a musician will probably be harder than making a melodic piece from scratch. It’s important to know who you are and what you do. Include an About or Bio page telling your story using your own words. Then, make it look good by adding a couple of images.

Vivienne Wilder is a songwriter, composer, and singer. She has created a website for songwriters that features a fantastic About page. The website uses a stylish sidebar that includes her menu and image, and her bio is placed on the right.

Vivienne’s website uses black-and-white images to express her musical style. The text of her bio is presented against a simple white background, making it easy to read. It gives a good idea of how she sounds. She then goes on to describe her music and where you can hear it, as well as the soundtracks that she has written.

Showcase your music

You may be a working songwriter who is busy writing songs for other people. List the songs that you have contributed to. If you are a contributor or co-writer, let people know about the music on your site. This will give your website visitors an idea of your style.

It’s a smart move to create a page that allows you to stream or sell your music. Andrea Perry, a songwriter, producer, and arranger, has created a streamlined and modern page for her music. She uses a white background with her name highlighted in red at the top. Her albums are also prominently displayed.

Be sure to make your credit prominent.

You’ll want your skills to be displayed as an active songwriter, whether you are writing for yourself or others. Create a page dedicated to your songs once you have enough credits.

Travis Meadows’ impressive list of writing credits for country music is displayed both visually and as a list. The page looks balanced when different titles are displayed on a grid.

Add a Press Kit

A press kit should be included in every musician’s portfolio. It is a great tool for adding concise information such as a brief bio and sample tracks that showcase your best.

LacyGreen is a Nashville staff songwriter who also writes and performs original music. She has added an impressive Press Kit page on her website in order to gather all the necessary information to book her to write or perform. She has divided her content into columns and added titles to give the page a more organized look. She’s used photos that really give a sense of the music she plays.

Contact you easily

Make it easy for people to contact you after they have listened to and checked out your music. A Contact page will be useful for anyone who wants to contact you, collaborate with you, license your music, or get in touch.

Your Contact page is simple. Include your contact info and a form. But you can still add your personality to this page! See how Janet Evra, jazz vocalist and bassist, composed music and songwriter, made her Contact page shine with an image.

The streamlined and stylish Contact Page gives you an impression of her passion and timeless style. Her Contact page now includes links for streaming her music.

It should be fun to choose a template for a songwriter’s website, add your content, and customize the design. This will reflect who you are as a musician. These music website designs should have inspired you to create a site that combines everything you do as a musician.

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