Website design inspiration: best recording studio websites

As an owner of a recording studio, you are aware that time is money, and creating a website takes time.

Check out How To Build A Website For Your Recording Studio for an idea of what pages and content you should create.

You’ll then be able to design a website for your recording studio that reflects your style and showcases your best work.

Recording Studio website templates

A recording studio’s website should have a modern design. You should have a website that is easy to navigate if you are tech-savvy. This will give potential clients confidence that you know how to write songs and operate the soundboard.

You’ll first want to select a template with space for your logo and header image at the top. Many recording studio websites use whitespace and pops of color to create a simple, clean look. This allows you to include your text, images, and music easily.

Here are some great examples of recording studio websites that you can use as inspiration.

Clear Home Page

Your Homepage is the first thing prospective clients and musicians will see. It should be clear and organized. You can add a little text and some images to a clean background. This page should not be cluttered but contain enough information for the visitor to want to explore the rest of the recording studio website.

Venus Theory, a musician and sound designer, does this really well. He used starry animation instead of static images to evoke the feel of his music. The colors may change, but his menu and name remain clear and crisp, making it easier to navigate. The website is both organized and modern, which gives the impression that he would be meticulous and professional when it came to music production.

Add a call to action.

Consider the purpose of your studio’s website. Does it allow you to book new sessions in your studio? You might be offering your services to record audio or as a consultant for live-streaming audio.

Add a call to action to reflect your goal. It will be the first thing that anyone who visits your website thinks of. This also gives your Homepage a more modern appearance.

Hyperlight Audio, a sound effects designer, is a great example of an effective call-to-action. The website design is simple, but it creates a very immersive experience.

He uses a blue call to action to draw your attention. The background’s orange color is a perfect match. His logo also includes the brand colors.

He uses a three-column layout for his Homepage, in addition to an excellent call-to-action. He summarizes his work with image and text stacks and encourages visitors to find out more.

Add images or media

You might have a hard time coming up with images that summarise what you do as a recording studio. You may be used to communicating with sounds, but there are many ways to incorporate images into your website. This is a great way of adding interest and capturing someone’s eye so that they stay on your website longer.

Admiral Bean Studio includes images on a page dedicated to recording sessions. It is easy to imagine recording in this studio, and this also gives a good idea of its size. A photo gallery on a white backdrop will make your images stand out. The studio logo text is in white above the photos, so you will remember their name as you browse through their pictures.

Music is a must

If you want to attract new clients to your recording studio, you must add samples of your work. You can also showcase your best skills.

Lion’s Den Studio created an amazing look for this important page. Samples of audio and video follow the textual description of their studio work. The Music page has been given a contemporary look by using sections with different backgrounds.

Include prices and services.

To be clear, you should add a page mentioning your services and rates. It is also a great way to advertise your recording studio. You can add testimonials of satisfied customers and list all your services.

You may also offer custom work. Place a form or button on your website to contact you and request a quotation.

Artifact Industries created a simple but effective rate section on their website. The template creates a black border around the entire content area. Each column has a button for requesting a quote. The combination of black borders and white backgrounds makes these buttons stand out.

It’s also appreciated that each service is described in detail. This is perfect for those who are new to recording music or don’t know what they want. This shows they are professionals who can work with any musician.

Clear contact option

A recording studio website allows you to showcase your work and encourage people to check it out and contact you. An online portfolio is a great tool for promoting yourself. Include a contact page and a couple of ways for people to reach you.

Ocean Recording Studio, a full-service audio production company, has designed a clean and attractive website. The website includes a header that explains what the studio does, testimonials from clients, services, and music samples.

By the time you have finished browsing their website for recording studios, you will want to request a quote. This is made easy by creating a page dedicated to requesting a quotation.

They’ve used a contact form to add pertinent details and gather information about the project to prepare a customized quote. This opens up communication between the studio and its potential clients. Ocean Recording Studio nails this part of the website for a recording studio.

A simple, clean design and sufficient information are essential for the best recording studio websites. A website can help you make a lasting impression with musicians and clients, whether you are a sound designer or a mastering expert.

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