How you can make the most out of your Instagram posting schedule (sample schedule included).

It’s important to continue the conversation on social media, especially with social distancing laws still in place (in many countries). If you’re a seasoned Instagrammer, or if you wish there were a magic genie that could make everything go away, this post is for YOU!

We’ll start by going over some Instagram basics so you can get the most from the platform.

Get to know your data.

You’ll first want to ensure that you have a Professional profile set up so you can track stats and metrics on your page. A Personal profile will not allow you to access these metrics. You can easily adjust this in your account settings.

After you make the switch, click the menu icon at the top-right corner and select “Insights” to access detailed information on your content, audience, and activity. It’s a great tool for musicians to keep track of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to sharing.

Use Stories instead of posting on the grid.

You’ll also want to learn about Instagram’s “culture” and how you can use it for quick updates. This is the Snapchat-like feature where you can post quick videos or photos that expire in 24 hours. You can access it by clicking on your circular profile image. Use this to post more time-sensitive “live” content.

Stats can be viewed on the analytics page or by clicking the “Seen By:” text at the bottom of the Story. The bar graph will then display information about interactions and discoveries. You can see how people react to your Story, such as the types of actions they take, how many accounts have been reached, or how many new followers you gained.

Use Stories to showcase your latest releases, engage with followers, and promote them through polls, quizzes, and Q&As.

This is the place to post “the good stuff”—things that will last longer. You can make these posts look attractive by using clever captions and hashtags.

Post daily updates via Stories to your core community and use grid posts to attract followers.

Learn to love the algorithm.

You want to make the most of this platform as a musician. Maintain it like you would any other important aspect of your career. Regular and thoughtful posts can help you engage and grow your fanbase. They will also increase your listenership and get more people to attend your live shows.

Instagram is a technology platform that works on an algorithm. The more posts you make, the better the engagement, which will lead to more organic exposure for your content. Platforms prioritize what their algorithm deems engaging content. This is why they bump up that content in the search results and feeds of your followers based on how many people are interacting with your posts and/or page, as well as the effectiveness and connections made with other users.

Instagram wants to ensure that people spend as much time as possible on its app. It does this by ensuring they get a lot of the content they want based on data collected from users’ usage.

How will people find you if they don’t already know your music? How can you get on the discovery page of a potential fan? It’s all about the posting strategy.

What should you share? What should you share with others? What hashtags are appropriate?

We’ve created a simple, basic weekly posting schedule. This calendar can be used to generate ideas, and then you can adapt them immediately to your content and audience. Take a look:


#MondayMotivation Post something inspirational in your Story. You can share how you started, compare growth statistics from an older release to a recent one, or mention another artist who inspires you.

Share a preview — Share a picture or video that you are currently working on and will be released soon. You could share a song snippet or music video clip. Or you might want to give a preview of a tour.


#TuesdayTip- Share an idea from your process. You could talk about the reason you prefer thinner gauge strings on certain songs or your favorite plugin when mixing songs.

Promote an old project_ Show some love to former collaborators by sharing, linking, or @Mentioning a song or project from your past.


#WednesdayWisdom – Share an interesting fact about you or a link to something inspirational or educational by @Mentioning a brand or artist.

Share a behind-the-scenes video. Post a photo or video of your work. Fans will love to see a video of a recording session, rehearsal, or soundcheck!


#ThrowbackThursday: Share an old picture from the time you bought your first instrument or performed your first concert. This is an excellent way to get to know your fans better and to make them laugh.

Showcase your workspace- Fans enjoy seeing how musicians work and how songs are created. Share a photo of your home recording studio or practice space in your Story.


#FridayFun Post something fun that you are doing in your Story. This space doesn’t have to be all about promotion. Use it to let your fans know who you are.

Offer weekend specials- Thank your fans with a coupon for your online store, presale tickets to your shows, or a song download for free when they subscribe to your email list.


#SaturdayNight – Tell us what your Saturday night looks like. You could be at home shredding or supporting a band, or you can relax and watch the latest Netflix viral show.

Share a song or favorite quote. Quotes are often shared on social media. You can use them to express your feelings or to give your audience a chance to reflect. Quotes from authors and artists, as well as your own lyrics, can be posted.


#SundayFunday Sundays are a time to relax or prepare for the week. Use the embedded music feature in your Story to promote your music while you post a photo or a video.

Engage with your fans. Post something that speaks directly to your fan base. Ask them what song they like on the album, where they’d love to see your band next, or who you should collaborate with.

This schedule will allow your fans to remain connected and form habits and routines that strengthen bonds. A more consistent posting will eventually lead to better interactions and more shares.

You can keep an eye on the data you collect and make a monthly debrief to determine what has been working and where there have been improvements. Instagram is a great (and free!) resource. Instagram is a great (and free!) resource for sharing what you’re doing with people around the world. Get your calendar organized, and let’s start growing this thing.

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