Updated header controls for your website

┬áThe header or background image is an important part of your site’s design. We constantly review all of the features and options we offer to ensure that this area looks its best.

Today, we are excited to announce some new header controls that will give you more control over the design of your website.

Fit to header area option.

Our new option to fit the header area means that your entire photo will appear in the header, no matter what size or orientation your photo is. You no longer have to guess which band member you want to remove from your mobile.

You can decide how you want to integrate them into your site, as there may be some space around the header images. You can use a solid-colored background with a nice-shaped edge. You can also use a bokeh option to blur your background photo and create soft edges in your foreground image.

These settings will produce stunning results on almost any image and allow you to be more flexible with your choice of photo.

┬áThe “fill header area option” allows you to crop photos and choose the area that will be the focal point.

Click the Edit Content tab and then click ‘Edit Image” on your header image to try out these options. This new editor appears in a left-hand sidebar with all the controls.

Delivering photos in the highest quality and file size

This is also the time to update your header images to be device-specific. It ensures your visitors, using high DPI desktops, mobile devices, and even smaller screens, get the highest quality images.

You will get better-looking photos and faster-loading pages for mobile devices.

A faster editor

We rebuilt the header tools from scratch and made other changes under the hood to the headers. This will allow you to experiment with and make adjustments faster than ever.

It’s a great way to showcase your music brand by creating a unique header image that reflects your style. Enjoy playing with the new header image controls!

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