New website template: Empire

 Command attention immediately with the new Empire Template. The header background perfectly reflects the featured image, making Empire perfect for musicians and bands with something to say. This stunning template will pique your fans’ interest with its focus on a featured image.

Enter the spotlight

The Empire template features a thumbnail reflected on a landscape background. It’s perfect for musicians with upcoming or ongoing releases. You can use album artwork in the header thumbnail. Then, you can customize the background and border options to create a unique look.

Empire offers a wide range of options, including image filters, drop shadows, border colors, and adjustable header height. To set the scene for your featured photo, try increasing your header height and removing the blur.

Change the thumbnail to make the inner pages stand out and define the content. Or, keep the image as is for a consistent look.

Attract the right attention.

Above the background, you can add a call-to-action that will allow you to advertise your latest single or blog updates. You could even use it to sign up for a mailing list. Use the blurred background to make your call to action stand out and encourage fans to interact with you.

The Empire template offers many customization options, such as border sizes, background colors, and more. Use the colors from your header to create a pleasing palette.

No problem if you do not want to use an action call! The site menu will be placed horizontally at the top layer of the background, making it easier for your visitors to navigate.

Variations on the point

Each Bandzoogle Template comes with variations that are already pre-templated to get you started. You can always customize your template, but the four variations of The Empire Template that we have selected are elegant, neutral, playful, and sad.

Sombre is a variation that features three distinct background colors. It contrasts monochromatic blacks and whites with a luxurious golden tint. The fonts are curved to add drama to the text on your page. The Sombre version is ideal for R&B artists who are ready to make their mark.

The Elegant variation, with its delicate palette of eggshell-blue and white, is perfect for everything from postrock to hyperpop. This variation has a light gothic font style that works beautifully with the stunning elegance.

This template’s Playful version is perfect for those who want to impress their fans! You’ll stand out from the crowd if you use vibrant pinks, purples, and blues. The Playful variation, with its bubbly fonts, cool contrasts, and cool colors, is perfect for dance music or pop.

The Neutral variation modestly and straightforwardly balances a monochromatic color scheme. It is perfect if you want to make your content the star.

Updates to the template under the hood

We’ve converted our themes at Bandzoogle to be compatible with the latest browser technology. Your site will now load faster for fans and potential customers – great news!

These new SASS converters will enhance your editing abilities and make improvements to live sites. Your editor will show you the changes that you make to your template in real-time. This makes customizing templates a breeze.

These updates won’t affect the appearance of your website, but they will allow for future theme flexibility. When you convert our themes, the possibilities are endless. There are no drawbacks, and your content can be the focus.

Are you thinking about updating your website? Your content will remain the same while you try a new theme. To get started, click on the Edit Theme button. Our music website templates can be customized to your liking.

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