New! Sell print-on-demand merchandise through your website using Printful

The importance of selling merch to musicians has increased. Bandzoogle’s members earn the most money from merch.

We’re thrilled to announce that we now offer the print-on-demand and drop-shipping service Printful to our customers.

Printful Pro Plan members can now connect their Bandzoogle stores to Printful to sell custom printed-on-demand merchandise online. This allows you to sell directly to your customers from your website.

No upfront costs and no inventory to manage

Print-on-demand allows you to sell merchandise to your fans without any upfront costs and with no inventory management. Printful can be a great option for a new band or musician who has too many other things to do.

No fees are charged, or any minimum orders are required. Printful fulfills the order and ships it for you.

Print-on-demand is a method of producing merchandise only when the fan orders it. It’s also more environmentally friendly because you don’t need to keep stock or order minimum quantities.

Easy creation of merchandise and fulfillment

Printful allows you to create customized printed or embroidered items on demand. Choose from more than 200 products, including t-shirts and hoodies.

Printful will fulfill and ship an order when a customer places one. You don’t pay any upfront fees or order charges. Printful only charges when someone buys something from your shop.

Integrate seamlessly into your website.

Printful can now be seamlessly integrated into your Bandzoogle shop alongside all of your music and merchandise. Bandzoogle does not take a commission from your sales.

Add the API key in the Printful tab of your Bandzoogle Store. Once you’ve since you’ve set up your Printful account with merchandise, add your Printful Account with merchandise. These will be imported directly as products in your store.

Products imported from Printful with pricing and images. Printful’s default description of product availability is imported from Printfulability. These two fields and product availability can be imported to update an item you already added to your shop. Update the item in your Bandzoogle shop by going to Printful and making any necessary changes.

The checkout, shipping cost adjustment, and sending of the order to PrintfYour website allows you to checkout, adjust the shipping cost, and send fans an easy experience making it easy for your fans. Tolan also offers album pre-orders and sale pricing as well as discount codes, SoundScan reports, and other advanced features.

Are you thinking about adding Printful to sell merchandise through your website? This video will walk you through the steps.

This new integration allows you to sell unique merchandise directly to your fans from the storefront of your website without any of the usual overheads associated with merchandising.

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