Music Websites: The hub for direct engagement with fans

Direct engagement between an artist and their fans is not only a powerful way to grow a career but also enables them to monetize. In the same way that the live music experience is enhanced by meeting the artist at the merchandise table, the online world offers more opportunities for direct and personal interaction.

It’s the ideal place for a meet-and-greet without all the distractions and noise that social media can create. You can use it as your hub to manage your online presence. When someone views your video on YouTube or listens to your music on Spotify, they will Google you. Your website will appear. You can then engage your audience with your music or brand.

Independent artists will leverage their websites in 2020 to build more meaningful connections with their fans than ever. Over 55,000 Bandzoogle members have used their music websites to engage with their fans and generate revenue online. Over 200 countries sent more than 48 million people to these artists’ websites.

Tools that allow you to reach your fans directly online are still the best way to collect email addresses. Our members collected over 2.3M emails from their fans last year. Email remains the most effective way for musicians and bands to stay in touch with fans. It helps build the relationship, informs them about new music or merchandise, and keeps the relationship growing.

In 2020, fans downloaded more than 850,000 tracks, proving that it is an effective way to connect with your fans and to give them the means to support you while you create new music.

Create a professional site in a matter of clicks, where you can sell music or merchandise commission-free. Join Bandzoogle and start a music sale.

Merch sales helped our members make money on their websites. T-shirts, vinyl, CDs, and videos have all been successful in generating profit. With our Printful integration, it is easier than ever to create products for artists and sell them directly to their fans without having to worry about inventory or shipping costs.

Artists collected 8,400 tips from visitors to their websites, resulting in $272,000 of commission-free revenue. Additionally, over 26,000 tickets were sold for live-streaming shows in 2020.

Fan Subscriptions are another way for artists to increase revenue and connect more deeply with their fans. Artists who add this option to the website can earn $300,000.

We saw a big push in 2020 to support artists directly as more consumers became aware of the importance of this. While social media and streaming revenue are important, the real value is in building a relationship with your fans. You’ll have their support as you navigate the current climate of the music business. You can grow your relationship by using the tools on your website.

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