Mental Health in Music: How and When to Put Yourself First

Many people who are pursuing a career in music, which is a highly competitive industry, adopt the mentality that there will always be ten people working as hard as you, if they are not even harder, to achieve the same goals.

While this mentality is great for the competition and creates amazing artists and performers, it makes it almost impossible to take a break without feeling guilty. In my music industry network, there are more working addicts than anywhere else.

You must be physically and mentally healthy to sustain your career in music and practice. It would be best if you always put yourself before others and did not succumb to pressures. Let’s discuss how to achieve this.

Introducing burnout.

It would be best if you first looked at your enthusiasm for your work. Have you started to lose the excitement that used to accompany your favorite aspects? You may feel uninspired, tired, or lazy whenever you make music.

You may be experiencing the early stages of burnout, which is caused by mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. According to this article by Psychology Today, burnout is often caused by the work environment and can easily be identified by a feeling of dread when doing daily tasks.

Burnout is a sign that you need to take a break from your work.

Burnout is common. Allowing yourself frequent breaks and setting limits are two ways to break this cycle. You can also reward yourself for being diligent and accountable and sticking to your limitations and breaks.

You can gamify your boundaries by rewarding yourself with a bottle of wine, a big purchase, or anything else. This will help you to stay on track.

Listen to your body

It is amazing how the body reacts to stress, fatigue, and overexertion.

It’s a good idea to take a mental break if you regularly feel tired, rundown, or ill. It’s not necessary to cancel all your plans or go off the deep end. After all, it is still work. However, taking a morning or afternoon break for a mind reset could help you avoid burnout.

It’s a fact of life. Life happens.

I understand how difficult it can be to have days when nothing goes right. You may feel powerless and overwhelmed as if your career and life are out of control. Other events in your life may trigger you, such as being emotionally taxed or waking up on the wrong end of the bed.

It is better to take those days off than feel guilty.

It’s hard to give up your plans, but if you aren’t at your best, your work will be, too. The more you force yourself to do things that don’t seem attainable, the more likely you are to find them catching up with you.

Use the same advice that you would give to a friend.

This is my favorite tool. It’s simple, and I use it myself all the time.

What advice would you offer a friend who was experiencing the same thing as you? Take a step back and think about your feelings, your stress, or your guilt. Talk to yourself as if you were talking with a friend.

Would you advise them to take care of themselves if they had the same problem? Take the day off or the entire week? You should be just as forgiving and kind to yourself as to others.

Balance is key

To take care of yourself, it is important to find the right balance between work, social life, and creativity.

You may not find it easy, but checking yourself regularly to see where you are lacking and where you have been oversaturated can help you get back on track towards a middle ground.

It’s easier to say “no” to a music project or to not overwork yourself by trying to complete it and everything else all at once when you have more time for other things in life. You’ll be able to take advantage of that opportunity you are afraid to miss, and it will turn out even better than if you had done it tired. Hence, balance.

Self-care is not limited to the mainstream.

There are literally thousands of ways to take care of yourself in this world. There are so many things that compete for our time and attention throughout the day. You owe yourself the right to take a break and relax.

Try a variety of things that will help you achieve peace of mind, clarity, and rest. These could include yoga, exercise, drawing, puzzles, or walks. You can also spend a day at a spa.

Self-care is all about you. You have to choose the type of care that works for you. Buy that face mask or paint set you’ve been putting off and try it. Maybe it will help you relax.

These methods can be used on good and bad days. The more you practice them, the more relaxed you will feel. Try a few and incorporate the ones that work best into your daily routine to achieve a healthy equilibrium.

Getting started

This post contains a lot of information, but you don’t have to implement all of it at once. You can try each suggestion one by one and incorporate them into your mental wellness routine as they suit your needs.

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind to get you started.

Always put yourself first. You can wait for music, friends, work, and the rest until you are ready. Always put your mind, body, and needs first.

Always listen to your body and brain. Your mind and body are built to protect themselves. Listen to what they say.

Tomorrow is ALWAYS coming. You will ALWAYS have another chance to accomplish your goals. Rest, take a deep breath, and remember that tomorrow is another day.

Comment below to let us know the techniques and methods that you use to relax and take care of yourself. Your self-care tips could save someone else.

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