Five best website templates for guitarists

A guitarist is among the most active musicians. They are constantly working, whether it’s releasing new songs or offering online lessons. A musician’s career is cultivated by having an online presence. This allows you to express your personality and promote your music.

Why do guitarists need a website to promote themselves? It gives you a professional, clear picture of who you are as a musician. A guitarist is not an exception. Online visibility is important for all musicians.

Guitarist Website Templates

It may seem like creating a website is a completely different experience than writing, practicing, and playing music. Making a music Website requires patience and technical skills, just as making music does. A website template is an easy way to start your guitar website without having to worry about coding or plug-ins.

Guitar Website Templates can be used once you have added the content and customized the design. A website can be used as a portfolio for musicians, whether you are just starting or have been in several bands. A template that fits your needs can be a good starting point for developing your online presence.

Consider the importance you will place on your music as well as your business when choosing a template. Do you want to book sessions or provide lessons? You may wish to upload your discography online. You’ll need to decide how many pages and what style you want for your guitarist website.

Here are some examples of the best guitarist website templates. All of them can be easily customized to fit your music style.

Pulse is a quirky, modern template for guitarists.

The template will add a touch of animated energy to your website. Your guitarist’s name will appear quickly, giving it a distinctive tone. Then, at the top of your site, add an image that covers the entire width of the website.

Pulse allows you to add stacked sections easily. Create a simple website by layering your photo, bio, music, and contact info. You can also build each page using a consistent background to give a more complete picture of your career to date as a guitar player. Pair a colorful font with your palette. Use pops of color to highlight your play buttons if you want to go for a classic look in black and white.

To create a seamless experience, keep the navigation simple and clean. Use a font that is easy to read on your background image.

The Pulse template has a funky feel and look that is perfect for a guitarist who likes to be unconventional. You may be involved in several projects, but you can’t really classify your style. You may love pop music and bright colors. This template gives you a place on the web to express your style.

Wide open branding for guitarists: Billboard

This guitarist template is all about the main image. Optimize header images and place one on each page. You can also add videos behind the semi-opaque, which is an optional section.

Make your name the main focus of your image. Add a call to action within the header of your Homepage in order to attract attention to an upcoming event or a new release. Limit the number of menus under the header to seven or eight to keep the navigation bar simple.

This template can be used to create a music EPK, which includes your bio, professional photographs, stage plot, and reviews. The template consists of section titles that make it easy for music bloggers or media to find information.

Billboard is a great template for indie pop/folk musicians. It has a Playful option with bright colors and a relaxed vibe. The black and white, neutral version is also suitable for fingerstyle guitar players.

Beckett Template: A one-stop-shop template

Beckett is a minimalistic website template that guitarists can use to build their online store or business.

If you want to earn money online from your music, a website with an online shop will do the trick. You keep more profits, and there are no ads or distractions to ruin the experience. Beckett’s template has plenty of space for content. This allows you to create a fully functional Store. Sell your entire catalog, including sheet music, digital lessons, live stream tickets, and more.

This template is blank if you want to create a subscription service. This template allows you to place a feed of updates along with your subscription offers. You can also offer exclusive benefits for your subscribers, such as monthly guitar lessons or early access to new music.

You can use this template to promote the latest items in your store or subscriptions from fans. As a complement to the main image, customize your call-to-action to make it easy to read and clear.

Beckett is a template that allows for so much flexibility; it’s perfect to create a lot of content. This template is ideal for guitarists who plan to make regular income from their website.


is a great template for guitarists who want a more modern look. Your content will then slide over the image and set it in the background while your visitors scroll.

Your musician’s name should be placed at the top-left corner, where the eyes naturally go. If your name is a key part of your branding as a composer, studio musician, or educator, then make it easy to read with a simple black font.

Keep the font size and style consistent throughout your content to make it easy to read song titles, store options, and other information. This template limits your main pages to 5-6, but you can add sub-pages as your career develops.

This template is ideal for guitarists who are always on the move. You can display your content as columns or grids, whether it’s music lessons, performances, albums, or demos that will help you get composition work.

Filter for an online resume of professional guitarists

The filter is similar to a social network profile. However, it can be customized for your sound and goals. It is familiar but can be tailored to your style and goals.

Then, you can place your musician’s bio below the cover image. This white content area gives the guitarist a clean, modern look.

This template has a long horizontal menu across the top. It is a great choice for simple and direct content. Create music pages to sell music on your website. Add your albums and some context to this page.

This template is perfect for solo artists, as it has a space to upload a picture. It is also ideal for a solo artist who has multiple bands or does session work. It can also be used to showcase guitar lessons and teach and play instrumental songs at weddings.

You can create a guitarist website that is exactly what you want. Once you’ve decided on the concept for your site, you can customize a template and decide whether it will be used to sell guitar tabs or music, book lessons, or offer fan subscriptions.

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