Five best DJ website templates

A website is essential for a DJ to succeed online. A website dedicated to your music can help you stand out from the crowd and grow your brand.

It may seem daunting to create a website, but once you have your content ready, it will be worth the effort. You’ll want your DJ website to engage and entertain your audience, just like you do when performing live.

Get your best music, images, text, and video. Then, you can choose a DJ template that will make you look more polished and professional.

DJ Website Templates

Before you can begin, you’ll need to select a template for your DJ website. Using a template will ensure that your content is responsive and compatible with all devices. Website templates for DJs can be customized to match your brand and photos.

It may seem not easy to choose a template for your music, but you should consider a few things. What type of imagery have you got? What kind of imagery do you have? Do you want to promote an album or book gigs?

After you have determined the purpose of your website, look at some DJ templates and see which one best suits those needs. Check the amount of image space, whether there is a call to action and the number of pages that the template can support.

Add content to your pages. This includes your bio, tracks, and press materials. Once the information is on the page, you can design your DJ website so that it all fits together.

These five DJ website templates showcase music, branding, and more. Check them out!

Beckett is a modern, clean template for DJs.

Your DJ website should give a glimpse into your persona and music. Choose a template with lots of space to create a picture of your career. It’s important not to overlook the importance of whitespace in design. It sets the stage for customization. Beckett template has a contemporary look with lots of space for content.

This wide banner image gives a good impression of your personality. Try a different image on each page to distinguish the various aspects of your professional life. Add as many pages as desired to create a menu with easily readable items that span the entire page.

This template is ideal for DJs with diverse careers. If you are an established DJ, use your logo or set branding.

Resonance is a bright and memorable template for DJs.

The built-in color options give your website an extra punch of color. Once you have added your images, this template will be your online home.

This template has a navigation bar that runs along the bottom edge of the image. It matches the branding of your company name, which ties together the upper half of your site. Menu items are a great way to create multiple drop-down menus. It’s great if you want to offer various services, set up a subscription area for fans, or add your back catalog.

This template is perfect for DJs with a long career and who offer many services, such as playing at corporate events, weddings, or virtual shows.

A template that combines images and music for DJs. Anthem

Try the Anthem template if your DJ skills are important to you. The landing page has a clear call to action, which makes it a great way to market an album or video.

This template allows you to balance multiple pages while keeping them neat. It has a place for your logo or name at the top-left and the menu opposite. A white border neatly frames the image, and when your visitors scroll down, the content appears in a box.

This template features your social media icon in a fixed location at the bottom. If you are looking to build upon those or are active on specific platforms, this will help to draw attention to it.

This DJ website template has plenty of room for content and can be divided into sections. It is a press kit. Add sections with different-colored backgrounds to showcase your latest music.

This template is perfect for DJs who update their content frequently. If you want to promote original music, try this template for your DJ web design.

Mezzo Template: A sidebar with space for DJs

Many DJs have a confident, charismatic, and unique vibe. If this is you, let your template speak for you. Mezzo will be the ideal DJ website template for anyone with a little bit of quirkiness or sass in their music.

To make your DJ website more organized and fun to navigate, add an image to the sidebar. Menu names can be positioned to the right or left, with a straight edge. This will make them easy to scan. Use a simple font on your menu but a stylized one for the DJ’s name in this sidebar. This will give your design some flair.

Add all your content to the white structure on the right. This template would be perfect for a photo gallery, bio, and press kit. It gives you plenty of space to show off your talent, engage your audience, and make them want to book your live performances.

This template is perfect for solo DJs who are looking to book gigs or residencies in their area, as well as show off recent mixes.

Jacob’s modern DJ press kit template

As a DJ, you are always on the cutting edge of trends. The Jacob template, for example, is an excellent example of a clean, modern look. It works well with a full-width black-and-white background or a spotless contrast.

If you are a solo DJ, your name is the most important thing in building your brand. This template displays it on the left side of the page as the first item that catches your eye. Your social media icons are located directly opposite. Under your name, place a quote or a text and image feature to help your audience get a feel for who you are. It will encourage your visitors to explore more of your content.

This template is ideal for the professional DJ who needs plenty of room to grow.

Your website should align with your goals. As a musician or performer, your site needs to focus on all aspects of your professional life. It should also be the central hub for organizing your business and helping you book events, whether in person or virtual.

The best way to create a unique look is by using a DJ website with a funky style and a modern, clean content area. After you have chosen a template to suit your style, you can customize it by adding color, images, and content.

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