Create an Electronic Press Kit

An EPK is an electronic press kit that can be a valuable tool for musicians looking to book more concerts or promote their new music. Your website and social media pages may be focused on the public and your fans, but your EPK is a portfolio that can be used by industry professionals and the media.

The EPK should contain all the marketing materials that venues or promoters may need. Your bio, best music, quotes, reviews, social media links, and contact information are all included.

You can now export your EPK as a PDF, creating a copy in a beautifully designed format that you can print out or email to a radio station or promoter.

Create an EPK for your website.

Select the type of EPK that you would like to include based on your promotion goals. The general EPK page will be perfect if you’re adding your EPK to your site. This will walk you through all the features needed to populate your EPK on a website.

Once you’ve added your bio, photos, and a quote, you can create your EPK in PDF format directly from your website.

Export PDFs to print or email your press kit as a Onesheet for a radio interview or podcast or to send to a venue or festival booker.

You can do this by clicking on the Export as PDF button in the page settings. This can only be done if your page is set to public view.

The PDFs have a simple and clean look, which is perfect for printing and sharing. The PDFs are saved to your file manager so you can download them or grab the link to send to a promoter.

You’ll find a link at the bottom of each page you export. It gives the person looking at your page an easy way to get all of your digital content, if needed.

You can export your EPK as a PDF. This video will show you how to download an EPK:

Your EPK will be in black and white with no interactive elements (like play buttons). The design can be printed on paper or sent as an attachment in an e-mail PDF, making it simple for musicians to send EPK materials to journalists, radio stations, or venues. You can add the P, D,F version of your press kit to any page on your site, like a bio or EPK, so that a promoter or venue can download it.

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