16 Fun Facts about the Bandzoogle Support Team

This Month, the Bandzoogle Support Team proudly accepted their first Stevie Award as “Front Line Service Team of the Year.” We have always taken great pride in offering our members the best-personalized service we can. This award is a testament to this.

We are a group of musicians who care deeply about helping other musicians succeed with Bandzoogle. We’re here for you 24/7 to help you build a music site that you can be proud of.

Here are some fun and interesting facts about us that you might not have known.

Team Fun Facts

1. Since our 17-year existence, we’ve operated as a virtual company. Our team is scattered across the globe, and each member of our support team works out of their own home offices.

Our support team has members located in six countries, including Argentina, New Zealand, and Costa Rica.

3. Each member of the support staff is either a musician or has worked in the music business in the past.

Our team members, on average, play four instruments and practice for 13 hours per week.

5. With 170 years of combined experience, we collectively perform 19 bands.

Anita has extensive experience as a folk musician. She is also a visual artist with a keen eye for web design.

Luis, a drummer from Argentina, is active in the music scene.

Collin, a bassist for the pop group Flara K, released an EP during the pandemic last year.

Hailey has been involved in Noise Music for many years. She was a member of a number of improvised noise groups.

10. Julia was voted the third ‘Best of Montreal’ radio show in 2020.

11. The Support Manager Joe has been a singer in Metal and Hard Rock bands for over a decade and has also managed and booked bands.

12 Adam, the Support Manager, was a keyboardist in the 90s experimental rock band Acid Test. Adam has opened for Grace Jones, Nine Inch Nails, Sugarcubes, and Bjork.

13 Stacey, our CEO, was the first-ever Head of Support!

Since we are a remote tewe meeteets yearly (if pandemics pe), RMIT It’s the only time of year that our entire team gets together to hang out and see each other.

15. You can request a review of your website from a member of our team if you would like personalized feedback. We’ll send you a free site review within a couple of days.

16. In our communication channels, we share music, news, gear, and experiments. This helps us to be, which allows us to hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us a little better! We are available almost 24 hours per day via live chat, email, or phone. We’ve created a database of articles to help musicians use direct-to-fan tools.

We are looking forward to hearing from and helping you, providing some feedback, or answering any of your questions.

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