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Your site will look more attractive if you use strong images. Clear text will attract good search results. It is important to showcase streaming or live events on a calendar in order to get fans interested in watching you play.

Our music feature is the most comprehensive of all the features that we offer at Bandzoogle. The online player allows you to preview clips or play entire tracks. It allows you to directly sell your music from your website without any commission fees. It can drive traffic to certain pages, build up your mailing list, and even chart your releases.

You can choose from a variety of different music styles to meet your requirements. There are many ways to showcase your music, from the Site Wide Player to Singles and Albums to Track Lists to Compact Players.

Our features are designed to be as simple as possible. We recently simplified the control panel to make it easier for you to set up music on your website.

Start uploading now! You can use your music player in 11 different ways:

Your music can be showcased online

Showcase your tracks by streaming them directly onto your website’s pages. Bandzoogle offers elegant and stylish players that allow you to set up preview clips or play full tracks so your site visitors can listen to your music as soon as they arrive.

Create a professional site in minutes with all the features you require. Sell music today on your music website!

Provide a site-wide listening experience.

Site-Wide Player allows visitors to seamlessly navigate your website while listening to the tracks that you have posted. The Site Wide Player will play each track (or preview clip) automatically once the play button has been clicked. The Site Wide Player will play even if visitors switch between pages.

Site-wide players are available in different styles. They can be embedded into vertical menus or in a horizontal player at the bottom of a page. Themes offer various options, and we provide customizations to blend the Site Wide Player into your theme design.

Sell singles and tracks, as well as albums.

Bandzoogle’s music player offers the most powerful feature: you can sell entire albums or tracks through your website without any commission fees.

You can sell digital albums that contain all of the album tracks in one download. You can also sell the individual tracks of that release.

The ‘Single” feature is similar to the ‘Album’ feature: you can add an album but only one track.

You can also use the ‘Tracklist’ or ‘Compact player’ features. This is useful if you want a short player to be in a corner of your EPK or a list of songs that are not part of a full album.

The music features, like our other e-commerce options, allow you to use your Paypal account or Stripe to process payments. You get more money when you use your Bandzoogle site to sell music.

Bonus files are a great way to add exclusivity to albums and singles downloads.

You can add a bonus file to an album that you sell on your website. This could be a booklet art, a video, or even a secret track. You can make your digital albums ‘exclusive’ by adding an element fans cannot get any other way.

Start Charting

Music sales will be reported to Luminate via our Pro plan (formerly SoundScan). Billboard charts use Luminate data to create their chart listings. If you have music features on your site, you may be able to get on the Billboard charts.

Sell your music more effectively.

Music features allow you to connect physical music items such as CDs and Vinyl with your digital albums and display them alongside a player. When visitors purchase the physical item, they can also download the digital version. They can then listen to the music as they wait for their physical copies to arrive.

Showcase and Sell Beats

It’s not just for bands. You can use it to sell beats. Our music features are compatible with MP3 and FLAC audio formats, as well as WAV audio files. This allows you to sell uncompressed audio and show your customers a preview of your work.

Our ‘Album” music player allows you to sell a tracked-out version of your beats. The player also provides a preview on your website.

You can either upload your custom preview clip, or we will automatically create one for you. If you have a watermarked track, you can use that as the preview clip. Visitors will then hear that track on your website.

You can include any license files that you want for your customers within the ‘Bonus File’ option in our ‘Album and Single’ features. You can create multiple ‘Single features to accommodate different licenses.

Promoting your music

Bandzoogle allows you to share online links for your tracks easily. You can generate track and album links automatically. Each URL will display a music player. It’s easy to share your music – and it can drive traffic to your website.

You can also use the widget feature to embed a player in other websites, like blogs or publications that promote your music. This is a great way to promote your music!

Provide music in different formats

Bandzoogle accepts files in WAV, FLAC, and other audio formats. The player will play your MP3 files online so that your visitors can listen to your music as quickly as possible. However, when the album or track has been downloaded, they will receive exactly the files you uploaded in the format you uploaded.

Give your email list a boost.

You can offer your visitors a free music download by using the music features. This includes offering a download for an email address.

It’s a great incentive to encourage your listeners and grow your mailing list. When they choose the download option, visitors enter their email address. Once they confirm, they download their music from your website. You get a new email address that you can use to send out updates.

Subscribe to a subscription deal and get rewarded.

You can add music players to any page of your website. This makes it easy to show off your tracks and attract new fans. Bandzoogle offers subscription pages to all members. Subscribers can access your restricted pages and exclusive content by paying a monthly fee.

You can make exclusive downloads for your subscribers with our music players. This means that you can offer a regular price to non-subscribers and a discounted price (or free option) to your paid subscribers.

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