New: Bundles to sell music, merchandise, and more on your website

Want more sales and to engage with your fans personally? We built the ability to create bundles in your Bandzoogle shop to help artists sell more online.

Create custom bundles from your existing merchandise, music, and tickets. The Selling Tools Pro plan now includes product bundles.

Bundles are a great way to promote your music.

Bundles can be a great way to sell merchandise. Bundles are a great way to get more music to fans. You can add a download with any ticket or offer bundles for special offers and prices on new releases.

You can create collections of similar products, sell different formats of music, or make it more personal by offering a handmade item with the download.

Bundles allow you to offer your music in a variety of formats. You can give your fans a digital copy along with the vinyl so that they can listen to your tracks immediately and then later get a physical copy.

Different types of bundles

Create bundles from your store’s Printful products, albums, singles, and store items.

Track product inventory

This new option allows you to add inventory to individual items, and it will also carry over into your bundles.

When you export your history of transactions, you can see the items that are included in a bundle.

Create a professional site in just a few simple clicks, where you can sell customized bundles to your fans directly and commission-free. Try Bandzoogle now.

Are you ready to sell bundles on your website? You can follow the steps below: Product Bundling.

Note that Luminate does not report album purchases if the albums are bundled together with merchandise. Reporting Sales to Luminate contains more information on how to report sales to Luminate.

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