Create a logo for your band’s website.

A graphic designer or web developer can be costly for a new band or artist. You can create a modern music site with a unique look using a DIY approach.

A website builder such as Bandzoogle allows anyone to create a sleek, professional site without any prior experience. Create a logo to represent your music, your sense of self, and your brand. This will give your website a creative edge.

Anyone can create a great logo for their website.

Create a.PNG file

PNG files are the best option when it comes to designing a logo for a band’s website. A PNG file is similar to a digital image, such as a JPEG or GIF. Portable Graphics Format is what PNG stands for, but you should take it to mean that you can have transparency with your image.

A PNG file is transparent, which means you won’t have a white background behind your carefully designed Logo.

The Logo should be able to blend into your website design and give your visitors an idea of who you as a musician are, without distracting them from the content or call-to-action on your Homepage.

A PNG logo gives your artist’s name a seamless appearance, which allows your website Logo to blend seamlessly into your Background.

You can also look like this.

Your Logo will Look Like This:

A transparent logo will look more professional on your band’s website.

How to remove Background from an existing logo

Here’s a simple way to remove a background from an image if you have already created a logo but it does not have a transparent one., a free website for musicians who don’t have Photoshop at their disposal, is an excellent tool. The site offers a set of the most popular Photoshop features, which can be accessed via your web browser from your desktop, tablet, or phone.

How to create a transparent.png file for a logo:

Option 1 Scroll down the Homepage of to find the Remove background button.

It’s easier to locate on the mobile website right at the top of the page when you land. Click on Remove Background, then select your phone’s Logo. Voila! The transparent background is ready for you to upload to the Edit Theme tab on Bandzoogle.

Option 2: If Photoshop is installed, you can use the Magic Eraser to remove your Background in just one click.

After removing the Background, you will see a white-and-grey checked pattern replacing the solid color. Photoshop uses this pattern to indicate transparency.

It’s crucial to save your transparent Logo in PNG format with Photoshop or Pixlr. When we save the Logo as a JPEG file, it will have a default white background, as this type of File doesn’t support transparent images.

Create a simple logo using Text.

Even if you don’t have any design skills, you can create a logo quickly and for free. You can save money and time by giving your Bandzoogle website a professional appearance.

You can create a logo for your band’s website in a photo-editing program. This will allow you to have it on hand if you want to use it elsewhere. You can use a band logo on your social media profile, business cards, or show posters. If you’re going to sell band merchandise, add your Logo to t-shirts and stickers.

Photo editing software has a wide range of fonts, so you can select a font to match your music. You can use this to create a logo for your band’s website that complements both your sound and style. is the place to go if you want to create a text-based logo. Open the advanced editor (or go directly to to get started.

1. Click “Create a New” and select a size for the logo image. I will use their “Web 720p”, which is a 1280 x 720 pixel preset. This is the perfect size to create a logo for your band’s website.

Pro tip: Turn off the Background toggle to get a transparent background.

2. Click “Add Text” to select the font for your Logo. Keep the font you used for album covers and merch. This will help you maintain consistency with your branding.

You can try out a variety of fonts to see which one you like.

3. After adding the Text, you can apply some basic effects like Outline and Shadow using the text tools. You can add some extra style to your Text by using the Text Tools.

4. The Preset option is also available. This allows you to quickly and easily use a style that has already been designed and then customize the Text. In just a few simple clicks, I was able to create this amazing looking Logo:

Select the design that you prefer, and then double-click it to customize it. Take into consideration the color scheme you use on your band’s website to ensure that your Logo is consistent with the rest of your branding.

Once your band logo has been completed, click File> Export > Quick export as PNG.

Your band website will now have a new logo.

It’s easy to add your band logo once you have created one that represents your music and matches your brand. Here’s how:

1. Click on the Edit Theme button to begin.

2. Scroll down to TITLE/LOGO in the control panel. By default, it’s set to Text. Click on LOGO to upload your File and display it on your website. You can also change the size by using a toggle.

A great band website should not only reflect your personality as a musician but also fit in with the imagery. Use fonts or images that match your album art, website banner, and palette.

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