Important Tips To Consider For Wedding Music

The music selection for a wedding is very important. The music you choose for your wedding will set the mood, keep your guests entertained and tell your story in the way that you would like it to be. We’ve compiled a list of important things to keep in mind when planning your wedding with your partner.

Your Dj Will Go Over Your Wedding Timeline

When discussing your wedding timeline with the DJ or musician you have hired, it is easy to take it for granted. Many people think the music is all they do, but that’s not the case. They ensure that everything runs smoothly at the event. You want everything to flow smoothly, from the first dance to the garter-toss, and all special moments between. You should discuss your wedding schedule with DJs that have experience in weddings.

Do Not Play List

Most couples have a specific idea of the songs and genres that they would like played at their wedding reception. Most couples forget to include songs that they do not want played. A “Do Not Play List”, which is a list of songs you don’t want played, can be very useful. Create a list and let your DJ know in advance. So, if Aunt Sally requests the “Chicken Dance”, they will know not to play it. Your wedding is all about you, especially when it’s time to choose the music!

Be Eclectic with Music

You’ll probably have a lot of guests at your wedding, including family, friends and loved ones from all different generations. You should choose music that is appropriate for all generations. Experienced wedding DJs know what songs to recommend. You can ensure that guests of all ages will be able to enjoy the music.

These tips will hopefully help you better prepare when it comes time to choose wedding music service in Sydney. Check out our artists’ page to find quality musicians and DJs for your wedding.

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