How fans can support music

Prospering artists are essential to the success of communities. Supporting musicians will encourage them to continue making music. This is important in today’s world. It is important to create a support system within your community.

In honor of the 18 years that Bandzoogle has been providing tools to musicians for building their websites and managing direct-to-fan sales and marketing, we put together a short list of ways fans have supported indie artists with their time, energy, and financial support.

How can you support your favorite artist? Here are 18 ways to show you support, whether you can afford to do so or not.

Follow us on Social Media.

You can follow a band on YouTube or Facebook if you like their music or if you are mildly interested in it. These numbers may be important to talent buyers, showcase curators, and promoters.

Subscribe to their mailing list.

Joining an artist’s mailing list is free and allows you to stay in touch with them. You can show your support when the artist releases new music or merchandise. Many artists offer their mailing list members exclusive sneak peeks and discounts.

Share the Music

Give it a shout-out online if you love their new song! Post the URL to their website to encourage your followers to visit them.

Watch live streaming

If you are unable to attend a live show, then watch it online. The music industry loves to hear from their fans, so engaging with them in online comments can be rewarding.

Tip Jar: Put some money in it

Sending a small tip to an artist can make them feel that their music is being heard.

Buy merch

You can help your favorite band by purchasing their merchandise. There are likely to be a variety of options for all tastes, regardless of whether they’re currently releasing new music.

Tickets for shows: Buy them online

Supporting your favorite artists at their concerts makes everyone happy.

Wear the merchandise and show it off.

Sharing selfies with your favorite band’s merchandise in the age of social networking can go a long way to gaining name recognition and getting people interested in their music. You can be a walking advertisement for your favorite artists. Share their merchandise widely and tag them.


Find a donate button that allows you to give as much or as little as you want on the website of your favorite artist. Direct donations go directly to the artist, and they will feel valued.

Give the Gift of Music

Buy and share music if you want to show your support for a musician! You can help a musician get heard by sending a digital album as a gift for someone’s birthday or buying a vinyl record for the holidays.

Make videos using their music.

Add your favorite bands’ music to the background if you are a TikTok or Instagram Reel user. The more you play it, the more likely people are to recognize it. This is especially true if your video goes viral.

Listen to their music.

Add a song that you like to a Spotify playlist. It will be more accessible to more people.

Subscribe to the fan club.

Consider paying a monthly fee to a musician you admire in exchange for updates and regular perks. You will be able to show your support for the musician while getting early releases, access to Q&A sessions, or discounts on products.

Learn to play music

Some musicians offer workshops, mini-courses, or lessons to help other aspiring musicians improve their skills. It could be an educational program that is provided on a regular basis or as a download. You can also give someone a music lesson.

Purchase the Music

Buy their music if you want to support an artist and make them happy directly. Buy directly from their website to ensure they get the maximum amount of money. Support your favorite artists directly by buying their albums if you stream their music regularly. Pre-orders, physical or digital music, and even pre-orders are included.

You can hire them to cater for your private event.

Need live music at an event? Ask local musicians if they are available. People will often ask for recommendations if you are not the one doing the hiring. You can help a friend find a wedding band by mentioning and tagging your favorite musicians. This will ensure that they get the recognition they deserve. Some of your favorite local artists enjoy doing intimate events such as house parties or bush bashes. Make your party one to remember.

Commission your music

You can give a unique gift to a friend if you ask a musician that you admire to compose a song. If you are writing your songs, ask if the musician will do session work.

Donate to crowdfunding campaigns.

Many artists raise money for a future project, such as a new album. Contribute to their campaign and get a reward in return. You can help them achieve their goal and receive a unique experience or a limited edition CD.

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