New website template: Tone

You have a few recorded demos, some professional photos of your group, and an interesting story to share. If you are ready to share your music project with the world, then the next step would be to build your website.

The new Tone template features a full-page header image that floats below your content. It also offers plenty of customization options, such as overlays, borders, and page positions.

Explore the many options that Tone, the music website template, offers.

First dive in; the header

The Tone template will give a new look to your main image, whether it’s a great band photo, an energetic snapshot, or an intriguing album cover. Instead of placing your main image in a header block, it will appear as the background to your page. The content will then float on top. Let’s look at the header options before we get into your content options.

The Tone header is used to focus on the navigation menu, social media icon, and title of your site. Header height controls allow you to adjust the size of these elements for your Homepage and inner pages. You can also set it for mobile screens. You can add depth to your header canvas by changing the color and opacity.

Your fans will be able to navigate your website more easily if you organize your content by pages. The pages of your website will appear in the menu on your entire site. With the Tone template, you can also display social media icons as stylized icons within your header area. You can flip the SWMS and menu options to change the order of the menu buttons and social icons.

Overlays are a great way to add variety.

The Tone template allows you to bring your content into focus by using the section customization features. Choose a section color for the background and adjust the transparency using the slider. You can create up to three different section styles. Feel free to play around with the colors in your album cover or main image.

In the Tone template, you can also add an overlay. This overlay will be placed over your header image. Choose a color to complement your image, and then adjust the opacity for a subtle overlay. You can also set it to completely transparent. When you add the border options to this option, it becomes even more interesting. You can also choose a color block and an opaque hue.

Page Positions and Borders

The Tone template allows you to customize the width of your content for desktop and mobile.

You can choose to have your content span the entire page on desktops or 80% of it for mobile devices. This will still allow you to read your content and let your image show through.

Aligning the content to the right, left, or center of the page will allow you to customize your page further. Set your content on the right side to create a scrolling effect. This is especially useful if your main image has a focal point to the left.

Add borders to your content area with the Tone template. Add an outer border, and then combine it with an interior border to enhance your content area. You can also toggle both or one of the borders if you wish to have your content glide over your header image.

Tone allows you to create your music site in just a few minutes. Create a website now with Bandzoogle.

Variations are ready to launch.

Our templates include four different variations that will help you get started with your website. You can use one of our variations or customize them yourself.

Tone allows you to change your template anytime while maintaining your content. Feel free to test it out on your website and see if it fits your brand. Take a look at some of the variations.

Neutral ground

This template’s neutral variation adds definition to content through monochromatic sections and overlay colors. This variation’s uppercase fonts create a striking visual effect that would be perfect for a band playing post-rock with massive riffs.

Playful palette

This playful variation puts your menu right at the top. The robin’s-egg blue is used as an accent color throughout. This variation is perfect for a popular artist because of its fun fonts and buttons.

Elegant choices

The elegant variation, which combines steel blue with orange, would make a great backdrop for an independent music project. This variation reduces the border size and background opacity of the Tone Template, making it more feature-focused.

Somber stylings

This template is perfect for hip-hop artists because of its splattered and choppy fonts, as well as the atmospheric red and black elements. This dramatic variation is ready to be filled with your content.

Tone’s┬átemplate offers a wide range of options for creating the content that your fans and professionals in the industry are looking for. Try out the Tone template if you are about to launch your music site or want to update the design of your existing website.

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