How to create a downloadable press kit for your music

An EPK, or electronic press kit, is an absolute essential for every artist. Think of it as your professional resume and business card. It makes it easy for music industry professionals, such as managers, booking agents, venues, promoters, journalists, and more, to learn everything they need to know about you and access some of your music and media.

Your EPK can take the form of a one-page, standalone website or as one of many pages on your larger band website. A useful perk of building your EPK on Bandzoogle is that you also have the option of downloading your EPK as a PDF file, giving you options on how to use it and how you send it out.

Where to use a downloadable EPK

Many venues, promoters, or radio curators will want to see links online to music or photos for ease. But creating a downloadable press kit as well is a good way to spread the word about your music in specific places on and offline.

Here are a few places you could use a downloadable EPK:

As a file in a list of downloadable files on a page on your artist’s website, along with a stage plot, blank posters, and short/long versions of your bio.

As an Onesheet for radio curators to read, either before accepting your track or to have your information at hand when they play your music.

It is a compilation of quotes about yourself as a performer or highlighting a recent album or single release.

As printed copies for a conference or festival, either to give out while networking or to keep notes when you meet with industry professionals.

Remember, when you create a downloadable EPK, the format will be a PDF. So you can either print it out or attach it as an email and use it for outreach or as requested.

What to include in your EPK

The assets you’ll include in an EPK are often media-heavy. For a downloadable EPK, you’ll want to keep in mind that the result is a file. So your audience won’t be able to press play, but they will be able to read text and look at images. You’ll want to make your musician bio and press photos impressive on a downloadable EPK and carefully consider your layout.

Artist bio: A promoter, venue, or music blogger may copy and paste your bio directly from your downloadable EPK to promote you. Add a few sentences that sum up your band, making sure to talk about your style of music.

Promo photos: Offer a variety of pictures in your press kit. Posed band photos work well, along with a live shot or two that conveys your style of music. If you’re focusing on promoting a new album to music reviewers or radio broadcasters, include photos that are on brand with that music, plus album artwork.

Music: Your band EPK represents your musical identity, so select your most popular tracks or the ones that you feel best show you off as a musician. If promoting a new album, include the main single or a few tracks as samples. On a downloadable EPK, you’ll want to be sure to talk about the music in some detail since it’s a visual and textual representation of your tracks.

Press/reviews: An outside source talking about your music lends authority and authenticity to an EPK. Add a recent quote about yourself or a recent release.

Highlights and achievements: A few examples of musical achievements might include awards you’ve won, radio plays you’ve built up, or success on streaming platforms or YouTube. If you’ve supported a big act on tour or performed at noteworthy festivals, include those mentions in your EPK- especially if you’re using your downloadable EPK for bookings.

Contact info and links to socials: To be sure that people can easily reach you, round out your EPK with a form of contact and social media links. This will help media, promoters, and the press get you easily if they have any questions or want to book you.

Website link: Since this PDF will be shared, be sure to toggle on the ‘Show website address in footer’ option when you generate your file. This will add a link to your online press kit at the bottom of each page.

EPK templates

If you want to create an EPK quickly for a specific purpose, select from one of our customizable EPK templates. These are designed to guide you through adding content that is ideal for a particular audience.

For example, if you’re looking to secure management, you’d choose a template that shows what you’ve accomplished to date as an artist. If you’re looking to promote a new single, put together a page that features your artwork, quotes, and information about your song. Both are easy to download in a layout that makes sense and then attach to an email.

There are 6 EPK page layouts to choose from, or you can create your own EPK totally from scratch.

Once you’ve added everything you need to your EPK, you can then turn your EPK into a PDF that you can download. Please spread the word about your music: upload it wherever you need to so it’s quick to access. In addition to email, you can share it on social media.

To create your EPK for download, click the ‘Pages’ button at the top left of your ‘Edit Content’ tab, then click the pencil icon next to your EPK page. From the page of settings that opens there, click on the ‘Export as PDF’ link at the top right of the screen. This will automatically create a link to download the PDF version of the page, and you can save the file wherever you’d like.

Your PDF will also be saved in your website account’s File Manager. To locate it, head to your File Manager and look for ‘Page PDFs’ on the left-hand side.

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