How you can sell tickets for live streaming events on your website

This Video will show you how to sell your tickets for live-streaming events. You can automatically send your fans the link to all ticket sales.

Normally only available to Pro members, the ticket sale feature will be made available for all Bandzoogle plans during a pandemic.

Option 1: Sell your tickets and send the link to your live-stream attendees

Click on Edit Content in your Bandzoogle dashboard to sell tickets. Select Calendar from the Add feature menu on the left. You can add your Calendar to your website wherever you like.

Once you have added the calendar, Clicking Add Event will allow you to add an event. Here, you can enter the details of your live-streaming show, including the date, time, description, and promotional artwork.

Click on “Sell Tickets through My Website” to sell your tickets without commission through Bandzoogle.

Here, you can add the ticket price and link to your live stream. If you are planning to broadcast your live show using Zoom, you can paste your Zoom meeting ID here.

Click Save after you have entered all of the information.

When they buy tickets for your show, your fans will receive an email with a link to the live stream.

Create a website for your live-streaming events to sell tickets without commission. Create your website today and begin selling tickets.

Option 2: Sell your tickets and stream your live event directly on your site behind a password-protected page

Please create a password-protected page to host your live streaming for ticket buyers without making it visible to the public.

Click on Pages from your Bandzoogle Dashboard. You can add a new page or edit an existing one.

Select “Anyone who has a password” in the Access Restrictions area and create your password. Click the pencil next to the name of the page you plan to use for your live stream to access the password protection screen.

Add your embedded livestream. Add an HTML Section to the page. Once you are on the page that you will be using for the stream, click on Add Feature. Select the HTML Code and paste it onto your page.

You can embed live streaming using a service such as Crowdcast. To get the embed code, you first need to create a live stream. Then, you can copy and paste this code into the HTML section of your Bandzoogle profile.

Note: You can also add live streaming video using with the Video feature. Click Add Feature to do this on the page that you will be using for the stream. Place the Video on your page. Copy the URL for your YouTube video, Vimeo, Twitch or Facebook link and paste it in the field titled ‘Video or Embed Code’.

Add an event listing to the Calendar so that your fans can purchase tickets for your event. Enter your show information, click Add a new event, and enter the URL and password of your password-protected page.

Your fans will receive an email with the link to the page on your website where you are hosting the stream. They’ll also get the password.

Your Bandzoogle site makes it super simple to sell tickets for your live-streaming shows. Sending an email to your fans is easy with the mailing list feature. You can also share your events on Facebook and Twitter by clicking a button.

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