How can you engage your community in a crowd-funding campaign

The 1000 True Fans theory argues that it is better to have a few dedicated fans rather than an army of casual audience members. This is especially true when you are trying to raise money through crowdfunding.

You may have many followers on social media, but not all will actively engage. Therefore, it is important to cultivate and focus on active engagement. You will fail without it.

Here are some tips to get your community involved with your crowdfunding campaign.

Fans want what they want.

Always do your research before you implement. This is especially true when it comes to crowdfunding. Get to know your audience before you begin creating rewards for your music-related crowdfunding campaign. Find out more about your fans. What are they really after?

You may already know the type of merchandise and exclusive items that your fans enjoy. That’s great! It’s as simple as that.

Email or post on social media to ask your fans what rewards they would like. You can brainstorm some ideas and offer them options. Based on their responses, you can create rewards for crowdfunding. Avoid creating rewards at random.

Honesty is the best policy when dealing with fans.

You can’t have a real fan base without honesty. By “true,” I mean people who will support you no matter what. True fans are those who not only love your music but also¬†wish to see you succeed. They will step in and help you if needed.

Be honest when creating your¬†crowdfunding campaign. Tell people what you plan to do with the money, why it’s needed, and how the project will be funded.

Don’t tell people you can do without money. If your project requires it, then you should let them know. Be honest and upfront with your fans. They will be grateful for it and more likely to help you.

Clarify the amount of funding.

Businesses will sometimes hide the full cost of a product to manipulate customers. In the creative direct-to-fan industry, the vaguer the information, the harder it is to get fans to support you.

Remember: If people don’t understand your project’s goal, they will not know how much money to donate. You’re not asking people to just buy a t-shirt; you’re asking them to invest in your project’s future. They will not know the value of their contribution.

The amount should be prominently displayed on your crowdfunding campaign and website, and it should be mentioned often in all your materials.

Create a professional site in just a few simple clicks, where you can crowdfund for your next project without paying any commission! Bandzoogle is the best crowdfunding tool.

Set a clear deadline.

Have you noticed that projects seem to drag on indefinitely when there is no deadline?

It’s the same with crowdfunding campaigns. If you don’t let people know when you’re in need of money, they will probably wait until tomorrow to donate. Give people a deadline by which to raise money. Be honest and enthusiastic, but avoid being annoyingly pushy.

Create eye-catching promo materials.

Video is your most important marketing tool. The video is more important to the fans than just reading about who they are supporting. People fund people and not ideas.

The video you use must be good. The latest smartphones allow you to meet industry standards. Your audio should also be crystal clear. (You’re a musician, so you know how to record great audio.)

Create a heartfelt video that tells the story of your life in its entirety! You can read more about that in the section below. You can also create many graphics to use on social media, email your subscribers, and send to blogs that you have worked with before.

Tell us your story

Stories move people. Stories can also help your fans feel more connected to you.

According to Josh Spector from For The Interested, you should tell three stories.

  1. What you have been through
  2. Current location
  3. Where are you going

Share your experiences that have brought you where you are now. Explain to your fans your current situation. It’s likely a major reason why you’re running a crowdfunding campaign.

Tell people what you will do with the money and why you need it. When creating your crowdfunding campaign, this is the place to start.

Bring your fans with you on the ride.

When you tell your story, be sure that your fans are an integral part of it. They are the reason why you are where they are. It’s not just the right thing to be doing but also the best way to build trust with your fans.

Accept their feedback. Thank them. Listen to their feedback. Treat them as partners in your career.

People should be directed to social media, especially if they cannot donate.

In order to build a tight-knit group, it is important not to exclude anyone who wishes inclusion. You don’t need people to feel bad because they cannot donate to your campaign. There are other ways to support you as an artist.

You can say something like, ” If you are not able to support the project at this time, please share the campaign on social media!” This allows the fans to be part of the journey. If you can, they may be more inclined to donate later.

Engagement of your fans is key to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Your fans are the crowd behind crowdfunding.

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