New website template: Breakbeat

Are your plans to launch a new album or video, a brand new band, or perhaps a completely new live music experience on the global stage?

Breakbeat’s split header and clean content area will give your site a new look. This template is mobile-friendly, features bold colors and images, and is modern.

Take a look at this template and see how you can customize it to give your website a new look.

Photos with bold colors and large sizes

Use coordinated photos taken from a recent photo shoot to create a unique design for your music site. These photos, with their double space for images, are a great way to introduce your music to a new visitor. The images should reflect your personality as well as your music.

Then, you can use this image to create a palette of colors for your entire website. Choose a color to represent the content, social media icons, and streaming platforms.

Call-to-action can be used to promote your business

Calls-to-action are a great way to capture the attention of your website’s visitors. Choose a font that is unique to make this website template stand out. Grow your mailing list or advertise an upcoming single on your website.

After you have customized your call-to-action, you can use the sliders to add a space between the header images. Upload a photo under the call-to-action text. Use the same image cropped differently in both header sections to give your site a unique appearance. Add your artist’s image to one side and album art to the other.

You can change the ratio of your featured images by using the slider.

Create a mobile-friendly website with the Breakbeat theme in just minutes. Try Bandzoogle today!

Use frames to give your content a cohesive look.

Use a color frame to surround your website once you have designed your music website. Include text, videos, music, and more in the content area. You can adjust the page border to narrow down the content of your website.

You can still use your existing content if you have already created your website. Go to the Edit Theme section and select the Breakbeat template. Then, apply it to your existing website. After you have made the necessary changes, you can publish your website.

Navigation Options

Use a menu that has eight or fewer main pages to ensure your fans, industry professionals, and friends can easily find the information they are looking for. After you have created your pages, customize the menu according to the color and image of your website.

Display your navigation to the right of your image, above and opposite your artist’s name. This will give your site a more streamlined appearance. Set your menu above your image in a high-contrast font for a quirky look.

Add some extra sparkle with animations.

Smooth animation will make your menu and artist name float seamlessly in as your website loads. This will give your website a polished and professional look.

Sections with a structured style

This website template’s content suggests a flow. It is easy to navigate with the information blocks stacked on each page. Add a section background or a muted image to give your sections a contemporary feel. Then, customize the font and button colors to make it easy to read.

Grab and Go variations.

You may not be able to customize your color scheme as an independent artist. Our designers created four variations of the Breakbeat Template.

Each comes with coordinated colors, fonts, and links to create a unique feeling. Choose the theme that best fits the feel you want for your website and add your main image.

Sombre version

This first version features a light blue background with white text and gold accents to complete the look. This template is perfect for designers who are creating a website for a singer/songwriter.

Playful version

This template, with its bold black and crisp white colors, is calling to an EDM producer or pop band. This template is modernized with the addition of red accents.

Elegant version

Elegant is a good choice for DJs because it has full fonts, streamlined sections, and the ability to use them. This version is also a good fit for jazz artists, classical musicians, and composers, thanks to the black outline.

Neutral version

This neutral version of Breakbeat offers a blank canvas to a band that wants to create a professional impression. This template is ideal for creating a cover band or a record label.

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