Four styles to try for your next music video

It’s time to share your song with the world. However, posting it on Spotify or Apple Music is no longer enough. Promotion¬†should be the next step in your release plan. Video is the answer. By creating a full-length music video for your new song, you can connect with your fans and share your interpretation visually.

A full-length music video can also be shared on social media to help you reach new listeners. Storyboard your video and choose a style to suit your brand before you begin.

Eoghan Kidney is the music video director of Madonna, Underworld, and Oasis. He also serves as the Head of Innovation at Rotor Video. We asked him to tell us about the styles that he would recommend musicians use for their official music videos.

Music video with minimal sound

It’s the fastest way to create an official music clip. Grab a clip and loop, ping-pong, or repeat it throughout the track to create a minimal video. Your video can evoke emotions if you carefully choose the clip you use.

You may not have the most impressive style or showmanship, but you will get an official music video that you can share on YouTube and other social media to spread your music quickly.

Single Shot Performance

You can even involve your friends and fans in a single-shot performance. Eoghan suggests choreographing your single-shot performance or storyboarding it in advance so that you can include all the fun, clever shots you’d like to incorporate.

It’s easy to create a one-take performance video. Play your track, record your video all in one shot, and then use simple editing software for the intro and outro to sync with your track. It’s helpful to have some editing experience for this type of video. But it’s not difficult to learn.

Short Film

The main focus of this style is the energy of the character. Imagine your music as a soundtrack for a short movie. What scenes could be played out in the various parts of your track? What is the story you wish to tell in the chorus or bridge? You can create powerful short films using music’s natural structure progression.

Short film music videos can be costly. If you have a low budget, you may be able to reduce costs by hiring friends or shooting in natural light, such as daylight or outdoors.

Music video of traditional performance

This is the most common type of music video. Think about full-length YouTube videos or the style that you might have seen on MTV. These are difficult to do and not recommended for your first attempt at music video direction.

Here are some tips if you’re looking to dive in. This type of music video requires different things depending on what kind of music you’re promoting.

If the lead singer wants to sing and dance, you will need a professional choreographer as well as a budget for amazing costumes and makeup. Renting indoor locations for building sets or finding unusual outdoor locations may be necessary. Don’t forget to hire a crew.

The right crew is crucial to the success of these videos. You’ll need a team that communicates constantly with one another. Final tip: Stay in line with the artist’s vision. This usually involves a streamlined process for pre-production so that everyone is on the same page. When filming a performance video, finding a director with experience can make all the difference.

If you want to get a response, you can contact director agencies or social media. Make sure your budget, track, and brief are ready.

Video creation tool Rotor

Do you want to find a sweet spot between an expensive performance video and a DIY project that takes a lot of time? You can use an online video application like Rotor Videos.

Rotor is a music-specific application that offers thousands of clips, styles, and motion graphics. Rotor allows you to upload your video and add special effects or combine your clips with stock footage.

The rotor will analyze your song and cut it together automatically based on its rhythm, tempo, and intensity. Any musician can purchase these HD videos for as little as $19 for a complete music video. If you are on a tight budget or have little editing experience, an online video creator like Rotor Videos is a good option.

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