Take Your Band Website to the Next Level

Bandzoogle’s goal has always been to help artists, musicians, and composers succeed online. This includes everything from creating a music website to building an audience for their music.

For 18 years, our goal hasn’t altered. We are always happy to see our members succeed by using their websites to sell music, merchandise, tickets, and more.

Here are 18 tips on how to take your Bandzoogle site to the next level, whether you want to create a music website or refresh your existing branding.

Tune your homepage

It’s important to have a homepage that is appealing and easy to navigate. This page will also be important in terms of search engine results.

It is the best way to create your band’s website homepage. You’ll need to ensure that your site menu can be easily read and followed, that there are clear details about your music or band, and any calls to action, such as new music, videos, or events, are prominently displayed.

You can always change your homepage as you progress in your career!

Create an EPK online.

These days, it isn’t easy to be a music artist without an Electronic Press Kit. An EPK gives venues and agents the information they want about you in a quick, easy manner.

Our preset templates make it easy to create a page. Just select the EPK option when creating a new one, and all of the features will be automatically added. You only need to add the content.

We offer a variety of design themes for your standalone EPK website. You can even export your EPK as a PDF to anyone who might need a printed or PDF version.

Start bundling

Want to move your merch and reward your superfans? You can bundle any existing product on your website – digital songs, physical items or tickets, and even print products!

Sections are a great way to spice up your decor!

Sections are available in all of our themes. These are ‘rows” of content that you can add to your page. They contain features and can make the layouts really pop.

Website Sections can have padding and spacing around their features. They can also have three different section styles. This is great for visually breaking up content on long pages.

You can create sections with their background image. The backgrounds can be enhanced by effects such as ‘parallax scrolling’ to give your page a striking look.

Sections are great because you can link to specific sections from your menu. If you want a more ‘one-page’ style website, sections will be the best option.

Your favorite online shows are now available to stream

Bandzoogle’s video feature integrates directly with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. So, if you stream your shows live through these services, you can do so on your website!

You can sell tickets online or in person.

Our pro plan includes a calendar that allows you to sell tickets. Visitors can buy these tickets directly from an event you have posted in the calendar. And like all of our ecommerce features, Bandzoogle offers ticket sales commission-free.

You can also set up ticket sales to include links to live-streaming events.

Crowdfund your next release.

Artists and musicians can use crowdfunding to help them get their projects off the floor faster. Bandzoogle’s crowdfunding preset template and easy-to-use ecommerce tools make it simple to create this page. You can then offer rewards to your fans in return for their support.

Your theme can be changed.

Your site should adapt to your evolving musical journey. This includes new styles, press releases, and photos.

Bandzoogle’s theme editor makes it easy to change the colors, fonts, and buttons of your website.

Do you want to change the appearance completely? Sure! You can change the template of your website using Bandzoogle’s site builder at any time while maintaining your page content. The cut and color of your shirt may change, but you are still the same underneath.

Create a podcast or blog.

You can use blogs to engage your visitors. Blogs are a great way to connect with your audience, get personal, and let your hair loose. It’s also great for your search engine results if you regularly post to your blog.

Blogs require constant curation. If you are up to the task, you will reap many benefits. Some blog topics include your band’s latest news, studio techniques, or stories from the road.

You want to go one step further and enter the world of podcasting. You can also post audio podcast files on your blog. You can even use our podcast RSS feed to syndicate your show across services such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

You can now expand your merchandise options with Printful

Bands and artists used to invest a lot of money in merchandise like printed shirts. The merch was often purchased in bulk, and everyone hoped that it would be sold at the shows. (What happens if there are no more medium-sized ?!??).? Shipping costs could be higher if you sell online.

There’s now a new way to sell your merchandise! Printful allows you to connect your Bandzoogle Pro store with a print-on-demand service. You no longer have to worry about shipping or putting money out in advance. Printful takes care of all that and only prints what your customers order.

You can choose from a variety of printable products. They also have an online editor that allows you to design your products.

Your artist or band bio needs to be tuned up.

A quality bio is the best way to show you are a pro! A bio on your website is a must. And if it’s outdated, that’s even worse. Your music’s story is always changing. Make sure that your online bio reflects this.

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