PayPal integration updated to allow music, merchandise, and other items

There are many creative ways to make money online with music. From selling sheet music to music lessons, you can earn money by creating your website.

PayPal is a trusted and internationally recognized payment option. It has been available in the Bandzoogle shop since the introduction of e-commerce. We’ve updated our PayPal Integration in order to make sure you get the most from PayPal.

This integration will improve your website’s checkout experience. The transaction process will be more seamless for customers making purchases. Less failed payments.

This means that behind the scenes, you will need to authorize your store to use PayPal again. It’s easy to do and will not affect your PayPal account. You can see the steps here: How to get paid via PayPal and Stripe.

If you’ve never added PayPal to your payment settings but want to give it a try, go to your Selling Tools Dashboard. We don’t charge a commission for any of your sales, so you can make more money if you sell directly from your website.

Here are some ideas that will help you get started if you have been considering using your store as a way to earn more money in the music industry.

Selling a new Album

Selling a complete discography

Singles for sale

Offer limited edition merchandise or print-on-demand merchandise

Selling music lessons

Sheet music for sale

Video recordings of live streams, such as those previously recorded, can be sold.

Selling sample packs

Selling tickets for live streaming or live events

PayPal is an excellent option for your shop because it is widely available, and most customers have already set up a PayPal account. When you have PayPal set up, you can accept credit card payments directly through your website.

We hope that you can use this updated PayPal Integration to sell more music and merchandise through your online shop!

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