New website template: Alto

Establishing yourself as a solo or band musician can be difficult. It is important to have a website you can easily update as your career develops. Your music site puts you in control of the content, allowing you to concentrate on upcoming events, new music, and merch releases without having to scroll endlessly through an endless feed.

Alto is a new template that can be used to create your website or revive interest in a project. This template reinvents the traditional website design by combining a responsive palette that is compatible with any device.

Fix the side panel for the menu.

The Alto theme, as its name implies, creates a contrast between your fixed elements on the left and the fluid content on the right. The fixed panel on the left features your band name, menu, and social media icons. This provides the ultimate navigation for everything you’ve created.

The side panel can be rearranged to suit your taste. You can choose to align these elements to the right, left, or center of the side panel. You can also create a staggered appearance by using a combination of left and right, center and left, or any other combination.

An adjustable call-to-action

Call-to-actions are a great way to include a sign-up for your mailing list, a link to a new album, or hints about upcoming tours. Use the font and alignment options as well as the color and opacity tool to draw your audience in.

You can align your call-to-action to the left or the right, just like you do with the elements of the side panels. You can change its position to hover near the edge or top of the header image. You can create your compositions with this flexibility.

Homepage header image

Alto’s template only displays your header image on your first page, making it easier to navigate to the content of the inner pages. You can lower your header height if you’re having trouble finding professional images. Instead, you could add an image that inspires or a sneak preview of album art. You can choose from a wide range of stock images to set the tone for your website.

Alto’s side panel is a perfect anchor for a header slide show. Add multiple images, such as live photos and studio shots, to your header to showcase all aspects of your musicianship.

Alto is a template that allows you to create your music site in just a few minutes. Create a website now with Bandzoogle.

Music player site-wide and scroll down button

If you want to make your website navigation even easier, you can add a button at the bottom of your header that says “Scroll Down.” This will allow your visitors to scroll down and interact with your content.

Add a music player that is available on your entire website to make your music a central part of your site. The player will be located at the bottom of your website. When clicked, it will expand to the right and show your tracklist plus artwork. This player allows your fans to navigate your website while the tracks are being played in the background.

Plug-and-play variations

You can choose a variant of the Alto template and then apply your color choices and fonts, or you can use the template to focus on the content. You make the choice! Alto comes in many variations.

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This elegant variation would be perfect for a jazz band. The color palette is rich and deep, with tones of evergreens and gold. The interplay of serif and sans-serif fonts creates stunning visual chemistry.


The call-to-action area of the sad version makes a powerful statement with its bold background. This variation features vivid blocks of black, white, and red that can enhance the essence of a hip-hop group. Graphic fonts with capital letters dominate this variation.


The neutral variation combines delicate base tones and solid black font colors for a grounded background. Serif fonts create a soft platform for text-based content. This template is ideal for a country or folk band that plays traditional and heartfelt songs.


The variation is vibrant and playful. Colors saturated in high contrast make a statement. This variation is perfect for dynamic DJs with a live performance.

The Alto template has the perfect balance between fixed and flexible so that your fans and professionals in the industry can navigate your website easily. This theme makes it easy to create your music site.

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