Improved features include new cassettes, editing options, and reports!

We also know that sometimes, the simplest of changes can have a big impact on our members – even if it’s just to make life easier.

Here are a few updates we have made recently, which we believe will be beneficial to all of our members.

Add new pages easier.

We worked hard when we introduced our page types a few years ago to ensure that we could offer a wide range of pre-designed layouts for our members so they could easily create new pages on their websites.

We’ve improved the interface for ‘new pages,’ allowing you to select any page type and configure it with your website.

Now, when you click “add a new page” in the Edit content > Pages area, all page types are organized into different “flydown” categories. You can select from a variety of page types, including a blank page.

Do you only need a page for music? It’s in the ‘common page templates.’ You can’t decide what style of EPK to create. Click the EPK dropdown menu to see a variety of options. Are you new to crowdfunding? You’ll find the option under ‘ specials.’

This will not only help you to get the layout that you want quicker, but it will also require less scrolling over time.

File manager count

Many of our members are very talented musicians, and they love to upload their music to sites so that you can share it with your fans. You may want to see how much music you have uploaded so far or check to make sure you’re within your upload limit.

Now, you can check this quickly in the file manager. When you click on Pages > File Manager> Music in the Edit Content tab, you will see a total count of all the tracks that have been posted to your website! You can remove any extra files or tracks if you see duplicates or wish to reduce the number of tracks.

The same is true for photo galleries – if you choose the ‘photo gallery’ option in the file manager, you will see the total number of images at the top.

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You can easily change the page headers.

The visual editor is very easy to use. You can edit your site pages by simply clicking on the page. This also applies to editing other visual elements, such as header images. We’ve recently released a number of templates that look really nice, but some of them handle headers differently.

Some header spaces are shorter, while others are narrower. Others take up the entire space behind the text!

To make it easier on members, we have added a button to the theme editor that allows them to edit the header.

Clicking on the header button under the edit content section of your page will bring you to a header editor, where you can change your header and save it.

Text features for advanced text

Keep the text simple, especially when it comes to websites.

Simplicity makes text easier to read and write. Text is more accessible when there’s less fuss. We have maintained this philosophy in our text feature.

Bandzoogle also offers a variety of additional features you can use to enhance your site and pages.

But sometimes…well…you want things to pop a bit more around your text.

We’ve now added an “advanced” text editor to give you more options when you need them. In the format bar, you will now see an’more button’ when you click on any text on a web page.

You can open the advanced text editor by clicking this button. It will give you a number of formatting options.

You can add custom code to the text feature area via the “source” button.

Give them what they want: cassettes!

It’s true that “what was old is new again.” A few years ago, vinyl sold more than CDs.

Now that vinyl has become the new kid in town; the word is that cassettes have made a huge comeback.

It’s true; the Walkman that you sold in your local pawnshop is now worth quite a bit on eBay, and cassette sales are making a comeback and have become more mainstream.

Many of our members told us that they did not want to miss another golden opportunity to sell music. So, when you create an album for sale in either a store feature or as a format within a music “album” feature, you now have the option to select cassettes as one of your format options to sell on your website.

Names and pronouns for account profiles

Bandzoogle is committed to all its members, regardless of how they identify. We felt it was important to add a “pronoun” option to the account settings.

Our support team is now able to refer to members by their chosen pronouns and names when they contact us with questions or need help with their website.

Your stats have a new look.

The reports tab can be a valuable tool for your website. It will tell you how well a campaign is performing, who is most interested in your site, and even who is buying your music.

Recently, we’ve given our ‘Reports tab’ in member accounts a makeover. The data is now easier to read, and the lines are cleaner. Do you want to use Google Analytics instead for your statistics? We’ve also simplified the connection process within the Reports settings to make it easier for you to access the data that will help you get the most from your website.

We know that it is often the small things that can make a big difference. Not only do we work to create really great features for musicians, but we also strive to improve the little things to make your life easier.

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