5 Reasons you should learn to produce vocally

Let’s be honest. It’s easy to assume, as a songwriter or singer in the industry, that a producer is going to be present and will be able to finish your vocals quickly and efficiently. Vocals are an important part of the production.

Many took matters into their own hands, as the pandemic prevented us from writing with our favorite collaborators. This year, there’s been a surge of writers and musicians learning to produce their vocals. Along with this new skill comes many other benefits.

Are you still not convinced? You might be interested in learning how to produce vocally. Here are five reasons to do so.


It is extremely convenient to learn the skills necessary to create your vocals. It saves you time, and you don’t need to use voice memos to communicate an idea. You can even get the finished product right in your living area.

You can also get closer to the final pitch if you are a writer who is working on tracks. You can record session vocals to be used by collaborators or for other projects that are available for hire on sites such as Fiverr and other job boards.

You can do this from the comfort of your home. Who doesn’t like that?

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You can increase your room value.

You will be able to increase your value by being able to record and produce incredible vocals. Imagine yourself as a triple threat. You walk into the room with the ability to write sin,g, and create instead of acting, dancing, and singing.

Your new skill opens the door to working without a professional producer and getting a great vocal at the end. It’s possible to write on tracks with friends who aren’t producers and walk away with a great demo.

You will have the opportunity to help the producer by bringing your unique skill set and experience. You will know how to engineer vocal takes even if you don’t have the opportunity to vocal produce the session.

You can also use vocal production to make yourself more valuable as a musician.

Master Points

You collect Master Rights or Points when you produce a recording.

You collect master money if you own the actual recording. If Mariah Carey recorded the song, then you will collect a master for the Mariah Carey Version. If Alicia Keys re-released the song, however, you would not be able to collect masters (unless you made a deal or worked with the vocal production).

Why is Master Collection so important? It’s important to note that masters earn more than publishing. By allowing yourself to collect masterworks through vocal production, you will not only increase your value within the room but also your overall value.


Undoubtedly, learning to create your vocals has financial benefits. You can save a lot of money by working from home. The biggest cost-saving is not having to pay anyone to record your songs.

You will save money if you learn the skills to produce vocals at the same level as many producers.

How do you like your vocals?

You can be in complete control of the vocal production of your song and other songs. You won’t need to do multiple recordings or change producers until you find someone who does it right. You will be able to make that decision on your own.

Vocal production is a very powerful tool in the daily life of any musician. The other tips may be able to convince you if the cost or convenience is not enough. Comment below if you enjoyed this article or have suggestions for aspiring vocal producers who are just getting started.

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