How to make money from your website in 2021

Most independent artists have a spirit that is characterized by perseverance. They are able to pursue their dreams despite obstacles and do what they love, even if it’s not an easy road.

Making Money From Your Music is no different. Finding different ways to sustain your craft may not be easy, but it’s a great way to build a sustainable career. Finding a way to generate recurring income through your website and online sales can be a great opportunity for you to earn money while writing, performing, or playing music. If you don’t ask, you won’t get the offer. And your website is accessible to the world.

How did musicians earn money in 2021 with their websites? We found out from Bandzoogle’s artist sales reports that our members generated $9.9M of commission-free sales in the past year. It’s something you should be proud of.

We wanted to look at the ways that musicians are making money, and we hope this will spark some new ideas for independent artists.

Music websites that sell digital music

Music streaming is an extremely popular way to listen to music. Many music lovers still love to support their favorite musicians. Buying directly from the artist’s site is a great way to do this.

You can make money by selling your music online if you are about to release a new album! The Complete Guide to Selling Your Music Online will guide you through the process of preparing to sell digital music.

Band merchandise sales

Fans are willing to support their favorite musicians, especially if they get something tangible in return they can hold or wear. In 2021, band merchandise sales reached an impressive $6.4M.

This includes merchandise that was created and fulfilled by Printful. You can easily get started if you’ve never tried selling merchandise through your website. Set up the products and have them fulfilled. It’s impossible to predict how many items your fans will buy. You also don’t have to commit yourself to sizing and shipping.

In 2021, when released product bundles, musicians took advantage of the opportunity to pair up merchandise, such as t-shirts and hats or songbooks, in order to earn more money.

Tickets are on sale

We’re impressed by the adaptability of many independent artists who continue to engage their fans through performances. Bandzoogle artists made $831,250 by selling tickets to live streams and workshops.

Digital merchandise sales

It is possible to increase your income by using your website as a passive income source while you do other things, such as recording or playing live. This was also true in 2021 – musicians sold a variety of digital files, including videos, live stream compilations, and sample packs.

Fan subscriptions can generate income.

You can earn regular income by selling recurring memberships to your most loyal fans. Many musicians, who are natural content creators themselves, found that the fan subscription model was a good fit for them in 2021.

All of this community-building, from offering videos such as Q&As and sneak peeks of new music to $545,000 revenue for musicians.

Tip jar donations

In 2021, the virtual tip jar remained a popular way for fans to donate directly to their favorite artists via their official websites. Artists took advantage of virtual tip jars by adding them to their homepage with an engaging message or during a livestream. They earned $497,200 through these tip jars.

It’s not a new concept for musicians to sell goods and services through their artist websites, but it is still amazing when you see how successful they can be. Offering fans the option to support local businesses and buy directly can result in more money for musicians, especially if they promote online options on their artist websites.

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