How to Get Gigs Guide for Musicians & Bands

Booking a gig can be a difficult task for musicians. It’s easy for musicians to lose confidence and motivation after a fruitless search and constant rejections. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never get a gig. This guide will help you get more gigs in the music industry and make your next performance a huge success.

How to book a music gig

Booking gigs is a big task, whether you want to launch your solo career or get more violin gigs. Here are some tips to increase your chances of landing your first gig or your next one.

Create an Online Presence

You should ensure that you have an online presence. Your online profiles will be viewed by promoters, venue owners, and other musicians to see if you are active, what type of music you release, and how you present yourself. A strong online presence also helps you engage and build a fanbase.

Create profiles on Instagram and TikTok, as well as other social media sites and music publishing websites like Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Spotify. These accounts will help you to be found later when promoting your concert.

Join the Network of Others in the Industry

Networking is essential to landing a corporate gig and a gig. Make an effort to network and connect with other people in the music business, such as musicians, promoters, and venues. Attend local events and conferences.

Create a Press Kit

Create an electronic press package that you can share with bookers. Include high-quality photographs, a brief bio, and links to your online music. This press kit is essential to attracting the attention of venues and promoters.

Contact Event Professionals to Find Function Acts

It is easy to get gigs by performing at weddings, parties, and school events. Drop off business cards at bridal shops, wedding planners, caterers, and schools in your area. Contact the owners of local businesses to see if they will recommend you to clients.

Start small with local venues.

Start small if you are new to the world of professional music. Ask local venues like bars, breweries, and coffee shops to let you perform. These small shows will help you build a fan base and gain experience.

Love Your Craft: Touring Violinist Jessy Greene Talks Getting Gigs

Jessy Greene, a rock and roll violinist, talks about her professional experiences. She also discusses what it was like to perform at Wembley Stadium. Greene has performed with P! nk, the Foo Fighters, and many others. She has worked with Post Malone and Dessa. She also recorded sound-healing music that is rooted in ambient mediation, featuring high vibrational melodies. Her advice for getting gigs? You should love your craft.

Open Mics

Open mic nights can be a great way to promote your music. Attend open mics in your area and sign up to be a part of them. Open mics are a great way to build your fan base. You never know who will be there.

Use Online Gig Listings

Many websites and apps connect musicians to venues, festivals, and promoters. Search for gigs and function acts on sites such as ReverbNation and Sonicbids. You can use the electronic press kit that you created earlier.

Find Support Act Opportunities

You don’t have to be the headline act just because you are playing at a concert. You can also build your reputation, gain valuable experience, create a network, and grow a fan base by seeking out support act opportunities. Ask local bands or musicians who have similar styles to yours if they are looking for support acts. They can only say no and may connect you to others if there isn’t a current need.

Promote the gigs You Land.

More gigs will follow. Promote yourself once you have a gig to fill the room. Spread the word by using your social media, creating flyers, and promoting your show. You’re more likely to be asked to return if you attract a large crowd.

How much should I charge for a music gig?

Consider these factors when setting your rate: When setting your rate, consider these factors:

Expenses – Cover the costs of travel, rental equipment, etc.

Experience level: At first, you might need to accept lower-paying gigs or get paid in food and drink in exchange for your experience. As you gain popularity and more followers, you can raise your rates.

Market Prices: Research the rates that other musicians with your experience and style charge in your area. This is an excellent benchmark.

Type Of Gig: You are able to charge more money for an event such as a wedding.

Popularity: You can be paid more if you are popular and have a large following.

What to wear to a music gig

The outfit you choose for your gig will depend on the genre of music, the venue, your persona, and comfort. You may want to wear an evening dress if you are playing the violin in a formal setting, but jeans and T-shirts will do if you are fiddling at your local dive bar. You can go grunge if you’re playing rock. But if you’re playing classical, stick with something more elegant.

Don’t hesitate to accessorize your outfit with accessories such as jewelry, hats, and scarves. Coordination of outfits is important if you are playing with other musicians or in a group.

How to Create a Setlist For a Gig

A good setlist will impress your audience and make them want more. Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method provides great advice on creating an applause-worthy setlist. Here are some tips while you wait for the book to arrive:

Manage time. Know exactly how long you have to spend, whether it’s 20 minutes or 3 hours. Choose enough songs to cover the time you have without going over. Don’t forget transitions.

Make sure you start and finish strong. The audience will remember your beginning and ending. Be sure to create strong and end with a crowd-pleasing, memorable song.

Think about transitions and flow. Place songs together that flow smoothly.

Try to find balance. Avoid placing too many songs of the same mood or tempo in a row.

Add some covers. You can play originals, but it’s best to add popular covers in order to engage your audience.

Be flexible. Setlists are not set in stone. Keep the audience interested by reading them and adjusting as necessary.

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